The violence against women and girls occurs all over the world. While some countries condemn it strongly, a great part of world population still considers it as “normal”. However, this violence, not only undermines women’s integrity, reduces their access to the essential services and resources.

We are grateful for many men and women who continue, courageously, to advocate for the elimination of violence against women and girls. All supporting initiative is commendable and its effects will be felt, through Christ, in all the areas of Church life.

WMCW on the occasion of 8th March (International Day of Women) declares that we are ready to face to any attempt to excuse, cover up or justify the violence. We declare that this violence is an offence against God, humanity and earth.

Our struggle is to work for eliminating violence against women and girls in its different forms (sexual, religious, psychological,…) and to promote their dignity.

We must no longer to cover our ears before the despair cries, nor stifle them keeping in silence or locking within the four walls of home by pride, fear, honour or safety...because the violence against women and girls is a sin.

Every act of violence against women and girls in the Church offends the body of Christ and prevents that it be fundamentally a community of women and men.

Pope Francis speaks at length about violence against women in his first homily of the year, from the balcony of Saint Peter Square in the Vatican, on 1st January , 2020. “Women are source of life. However, they are offended, beaten, raped and pushed to prostitution and to suppress the life within them”, he said.

His holiness described the violence against women as “desecration” and he denounced the “consumerism” and the “pornography” that, according to him, objectify female gender.

The Supreme Pontiff also highlights that “the rebirth of humanity started with women” before adding: “it is through the way of treating the female body we understand our level of humanity. This body must be released from consumerism, must be respected and honoured. It is the most noble fresh in the world, it conceived and gave birth to the Love which saved us”

As movement (WMCW), called to liberate oppressed, our duty is to commit with the liberation of people, to the celebration of the fullness of life and the fight against the culture of violence.

Any longer, the problems of women must be treated “on the sidelines”. As WMCW, we need to join efforts to other social and church movements to analyse the motivations of human violence, the reason because of women cannot break the vicious circle of violence and, to reflect on how to put an end to it.


“God created man on his own image, in the image of God created him,

male and female he created them. God blessed them” Gen 1:27-28b

Each celebration of 8th March should be a challenge for everyone. For that reason we stand up to say together today: “NO to any form of violence against women and girls!”


Message written by the National Coordination MCW - Mali