The European Christian Workers Movement (ECWM) is the European expression of the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW) which was founded in Rome in 1966. The ECWM is understood as an association and movement of Christian workers that defend decent work, the right to a decent life, solidarity and social justice, inspired by the gospel and the Social Doctrine of the Church.

There is a rich diversity of movements within the ECWM. Movements of Catholic Action workers, associations of Christian workers with a wide social and cultural action, etc.

The See-Judge-Act method as training and action pedagogy is followed by the ECWM. In the See part, the basis of reflection is the conscious perception and the vital circumstance analysis of people in their working and living places, as well as within the social, economic and political structures. In the Judge part, the assessment is made according to the Gospel teachings and the criteria of the Social Doctrine of the Church. The social, cultural, political and church Action emanates from all this, such as the development and formulation of proposals for the problems that workers have in Europe.