Video: The world's largest Sunday picnic blanket

In March 2022, it will be 1.701 years since the Decree of the Roman Emperor Constantine establishing Sunday as the Day of Rest throughout the Roman Empire. In several places in Europe, there are different initiatives to mark the celebration of the International Day of Labour-Free Sunday on 3 March.

In Germany, KAB – the Catholic Workers' Movement is using this day to express its deep concern about the future of the Free Sunday and is urging the political powers to continue to apply the law protecting Sunday as a day of rest in Germany. This movement for Free Sunday represents not only supporters of KAB - the Christian Workers' Movement of Germany, but countless people who see Sunday as a symbol of a life shaped in freedom and self-determination. In its commitment, the KAB stands alongside trade unions, major sports associations and other Christian churches. In fact, as in other countries in Europe, the protection of Free Sunday is repeatedly exposed to attacks by employers' associations, the retail sector and political parties, especially those in the liberal sector. These attacks are now using the economic crisis caused by pandemic restrictions to justify a general extension of the working week to 60 hours and a temporary permission to work on Sundays and public holidays.

So far in Germany, unlike other European countries, the number of Sundays when general business is open is strictly limited: it occurs only on special occasions such as markets, fairs and major events.  Together with its partners organisations, all on the platform: Alliance for Free Sunday in Germany and Europe (trade unions, sports associations, religious communities), the KAB opposes the misconception that the losses caused by the pandemic can be compensated as quickly as possible by increasing the workload and opening trade without restrictions.

In a very interesting and symbolic action, KAB presents to the German political authorities what is probably the biggest picnic blanket in the world. This is a patchwork quilt made by numerous KAB members and supporters. Covering an area of 300m², it consists of at least 1.701 individually designed pieces of fabric about the value and fascination of Free Sunday.

1.701 years after the institution of the Free Sunday of Work, The KAB thus presents 1.701 good reasons to continue to live Sunday as the day of rest.

Stefan-B. Eirich, KAB Chaplain - Christian Workers' Movement Germany