Causes and consequences for the lives of workers.


From 27th to 30th October, the annual conference and general assembly of the European Movement of Christian Workers (ECWM) will be held at the CITES (International Teresian Centre) of the diocese of Avila.

The seminar focuses its contents on the changes in the world of work, the causes and consequences of these changes in the lives of working families.

The opening session will be attended by the Bishop of the diocese of Avila, Mons. Jesús García Burillo, the mayor of the city, José Luis Rivas and the vicepresident of EZA (European Centre for Workers' Questions) Herbert Metzger. Also will be Manuel Candil, president of HOAC Ávia and Jose Fernando Almazán, president of HOAC Spain.

The first part of the seminar will focus on analyzing from personal experiences, the consequences it is having the changes that are occurring in the workplace. Speakers will be young militants of the JOC of Avila and also members of the PAHs of Avila.

A second part, in the morning, will address the contents of the report of Caritas Europe "Ending poverty in Europe. Our proposals to make this possible. To deepen the content of this report will accompany us Pedro Fuentes, a sociologist and member of Team studies Caritas Spain. Also we have the presence of Thomas Wallimann, Director of the Social Institute of Switzerland, the movement of Christian workers in Switzerland (KAB) that raise the outlook for the world of work today, from the social doctrine of the Church.

In the afternoon there will be a work in groups to address the causes and consequences of the current situation in the world of work and then there will be two visits to the city: Caritas Ávila to know the employment program of this entity and another visit at the headquarters of workers' comissions to share a round table with trade unions USO, UGT and CCOO.

The third part of the seminar will address the challenges that changes in the world of work and its current orientation presented to the Church and society. The content of this part will develop Montxo López, a militant of HOAC Bilbao and member of the working Pastoral of the Diocese of Bilbao.

At the end of the seminar, the Assembly of ECWM focus its work on the preparation of the General Assembly of the World Movement of Christian Workers, MMTC. The meeting will be held next July also in the city of Avila, where they will attend representatives of Christian workers of all parts of the world.