I want to sing a new song of joy
At dawn that day of arrival in our land!
With my people celebrate the dawn
My people set free!
Fighting has not been in vain …

Christian songbook of Brazil

Today we live in a divided world

 Widespread hatreds divide countries, continents, social classes, trade unionism, politics, cause the criminalization of social movements.

These situations lead to revolt and despair. Workers see with limited reaction the loss of their fundamental rights: wages, health, education, land, housing and work, as it has been evidenced in the two meetings of Pope Francis with leaders of social movements including WMCW-World Movement of Christian Workers, held at the Vatican and later in Bolivia, where he visited the countries of South America.

Migration – a widespread fact in today world

 Widespread poverty in some countries, by different disasters: the madness of internal fights and wars, lead to a mass migration in several regions of the planet, with the breakdown of families, deaths and so much suffering.

However we raise the causes of migrants, displaced people and refugees. We are facing a situation of oppression over the poorest, by those who accumulate more and more wealth at the expense of the suffering of the poor, the visible faces of Jesus, the carpenter of Nazareth (Mark).

Capitalism has its proposal for ending this crisis

 In  all the world, the capital has a clear design for overcoming the crisis: lower prices of raw materials (agricultural, oil, etc.) and reduce salaries and workers’ rights to ensure their rate of profit.

The way out of the crisis of capital puts all the sacrifices and loss on workers account, so that capitalism is working again. This only increases the social crisis, because only unemployment increases and the rights of the working class decreases.

Moreover, the economic crisis develops in other crises:

1-environmental – with the reckless destruction of the environment;

2-crisis of values ​​- in which dominates the wrestling of “every man for himself” and goods are more valuable than human life.

 WMCW proposes solidarity of working class

 WMCW- World Movement of Christian Workers, an organization of workers present in ten countries on all continents, collaborates in the struggles of the labour movement fifty years ago, with the look that only the joint participation of all Working Class will propitiate the existence of a society where PEACE, FRUIT OF JUSTICE reigns, the foundation of the Kingdom of God begins here and now, and it will last forever because of the Incarnation of the Son of God.

Therefore, we urge the governments of all countries to dispose of all those rules that promote discrimination against the working class, especially on the less trained and the most exploited ones, that establish forms of regulation to eliminate the forced labour, people trafficking and child exploitation.

We also urge all workers, organizations of the working class, to act individually and collectively in the sense of building a fair, equal, fraternal and sustainable world.

WMCW-World Movement of Christian Workers